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About Us

Grace Baptist Church is located in Waterbury, CT, which was once known as the Brass City (brass capital of the world).  This New England city has a population of approximately 110,000 persons, of which about 50% are minority composed of multiple ethnic backgrounds.  Located in the central section of the state, Waterbury is easily accessible to several East Coast metropolitan cities by the interstate system.  The church is located in the downtown Waterbury area. 

Grace Baptist is composed of approximately 500 predominately African-American disciples.  The history of this Bible-based church is a glorious story of self-sacrificing love and labor on the part of many members and others for God and His people.  The disciples of Grace Baptist Church comprise a number of vital organizations as identified on the Ministries page of our website.

By faith in God, we will strive to win souls using Christian courage to further advance God's kingdom.  Our mission is to be a worshiping, witnessing, teaching/learning, and serving community of believers.

Official Board

Deacon Thomas B. Piland is the Chairman of the Official Board; Deacon James Harris is the Vice Chairman.  Deacon Juanita P. Kent is the Church Clerk.  The members of the Official Board include the Deacons and the Trustees of the church.

Deacons: Eleanor M. Carr; Linda Chapman; Ray Doughty; Thelma M. Griffin; Franklin Hunter, Sr.; Lavern Jenkins; John Lawson; Mary V. Rush; James E. Sinclair; Margie A. Wright and Deborah L. Wyrick.

Trustees:  Harold Barnes; Rondell Bulls; Gene Council; Carrie Jackson; Frank Mitchell; Ernest I. Mosley; Sharon Mulley; William Parkmond; Michele Pempleton and Joyce Petteway